Seminar on End-Times Prophecies and Fulfillment



28 Nov 2015


The 3rd Space
18 Cross St, #B1-05
China Square Central
Singapore 048423

Have you heard someone say, “They have been predicting Jesus’s return for years [or since I was a kid] and it still hasn’t come yet”? You’re talking to someone who has been studying the Bible but has never come to the full knowledge of the Truth. One-third of the Bible is prophecy. Sadly, many cults got their start from someone who was interested in prophecy but was never properly educated in it.

Pastor Steve’s heart is to equip people to understand: what are the signs of the end-times? What do God’s calendars and the Jewish feasts tell us about God’s timetable for us? Does God cause natural disasters? What should we say when people call catastrophes “acts of God”? Where is the Anti-Christ from? How should we live and “redeem the time” if we know our time is limited?

If this is a topic you’re interested in, come and hear what Pastor Steve has to say on the topic!

As an author and speaker, Pastor Steve has the unique gift of researching complex issues and presenting them in simple practical ways. He appears on a weekly TV program in Indonesia and pastors a church in Melbourne. He is also the author of several books, including “From Buddha to Jesus” and his latest release “The Divine Code from 1 to 2020”.

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