Li Nan Xing: The Real Picture

Li Nanxing


16 Nov 2019


7 Armenian Street
Bible House #B2-01
Singapore 179932

A life testimony of the King of Caldecott Hill

A familiar face on TV, an award-winning actor for years running, Li Nan Xing’s journey of stardom is marked by his prolific acting talent and on-screen charisma, leading Singaporeans to crown him King of Caldecott Hill.

But did you know that he was once bogged down in gambling addiction, heavy drinking, and over $2 million in debt?

Come hear how the miracle-working power of God restored everything he had lost in his life, and how the love of Jesus Christ set him free for a life of joy he enjoys today!

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1. This is a free-seating event. The Hall is open for seating at 3:00pm. Please present your ticket at the event entrance.

2. Due to limited space, the first 250 ticket holders will be seated in the Main Hall. Remaining ticket holders will be ushered to the overflow room.

3. Unoccupied seats will be released 10 minutes after the event has started.

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Q1. Do I have to bring my ticket to the event?

A: Yes you have to. Both E-ticket and printed tickets are accepted.

Q2. Will there be any children’s programmes? Do I need to book tickets for my children?

A: There is a separate programme for Pre-Schoolers and Primary Schoolers. No ticket is required for them. However, if your children would like to sit in with you at the main event, they will require a ticket.

Q3. I would like to bring my child with me into the Hall. Do I need to book tickets for them?

A: We recommend all children above 2 years old to join our Children programme. No tickets are required for the Children programme. If your child wants to go into the Hall and requires a seat, then he/she will need a ticket.

Q4. Will there be Nursery services?

A: There is no nursery for babies 24 months and below but the rooms will be available if you decide not to bring your children into the Hall.

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