Family Carnival (Chinese event)

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21 May 2017


The 3rd Space

Home is where our heart belongs. A family can be a man’s kingdom, a woman’s garden or a child’s playground. However, it can also become hell on earth for some.

A harmonious home brings about prosperity in all things. Yet in this fast paced society, more and more people are fixated onto their phone screens, engaging in virtual reality than the actual world, widening the gap between human relationships.  How can we once more draw our hearts back home & thrive again as a family?

Join us at Petra Church’s Family Carnival, an evangelistic event brought to you by the Chinese Department. Reach out and invite your Chinese-speaking pre-believing family and friends.  We promise a morning of exciting activities, games and prizes as we build on our relationship with our dear ones.

Guest Speaker: Reverend Samuel Sia
Ticket@$10 per person

Please note that this is a Chinese event with no interpretation

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