Crossroads Nov 2022



12 & 19 Nov 2022


Twice a year, guest speakers from the marketplace and ministry share their life-transforming stories from our pulpit to mark the end of each Happiness Group run.

Missionary Devi Chandra and business owner Aaron Teo will speak at our English Service at 3:30PM on 12 and 19 November respectively.


Devi Chandra (12 Nov 2022)

Growing up in a two-room rental flat with many relatives, Devi Chandra was no stranger to drug use, abuse, and police raids from childhood to teens.

Come hear how the God of endless love intervened in her life and fulfilled the promises He spoke to her!


Aaron Teo (19 Nov 2022)

Experiencing failures in school, Aaron’s future looked bleak and hopeless when his opportunities for tertiary education were very limited.

Come hear how his encounter with the Gospel gave him new life and hope, empowering him to embark on an entrepreneurship journey – a thriving engineering and manufacturing business for the past 25 years and going strong!

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