Crossroads Series 2023



6, 13 May 2023


Bible House

Twice a year, guest speakers share their life-transforming stories as part of our Happiness Group evangelism strategy. Each is a personal encounter of God’s love and you are welcome to invite friends and family for these talks. No registration or fees are required.


6 May Guest Personality: Felicia Chin
From fame to faith, Felicia’s journey from a full-time artiste to one of following God is filled with endearing personal encounters. Not many know that she struggled deeply with the loss of her father, anxiety and a broken heart along the years.

This 6th May, come hear how God the Father spoke love into her life, bringing healing and new purpose!


13 May Guest Personality: Patrick Lee

Once a prolific creative director in a branding agency, Patrick’s gift for design saw him being highly sought after by clients. However, an encounter with the living God changed everything.

On 13th May, join us as Patrick shares how he uses his gift to to share God’s love, touching lives in many nations.

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