Christmas Outreach



19 - 20 Dec 2015


18 Cross St, China Square Central
#B1-05 The 3rd Space
Singapore 048423

Redemption is costly – only Christ’s blood can match the value of a single human soul. God so loved the world that He sent His only begotten Son, yet our Father also treasures each individual so much that no child of God can be displaced by another in His heart.

When we truly understand just how much He loves us, we also understand His heart for each one of His children. In short, our God is a Father who wants all of His children back.

This is the heart and focus of our outreach this Christmas: that our nation and its various communities are immeasurably valuable to our Father. We want to stop for the one just as Jesus did: the forgotten one, the one who was rejected, outcast, or sick. Each person we reach out to is a target for God to lavish His love on through us.

We’ve prepared a fun-filled program that will familiarize, equip, and send out our teams into the surrounding neighborhoods. We’d love to have you with us as we go out, have fun, and be a blessing to the community!



The first run of Neighborhood Outreach (Christmas) took place on the 19th and 20th of December, and it was a great hit! Many people encountered the love of God through our teams, and we thank everyone for participating. If you have a testimony you’d like to share, please click here and write in to us.


Q: I’m not in a LifeGroup. Can I still join the Outreach?
A: Yes, we’d love to have you! Simply indicate on the form which LifeGroup you’d prefer to be grouped with. (You may also select No Preference and we will select one for you.)

Q: Can I attend the outreach on the 19th or 20th but skip the equipping?
A: No :] The equipping will prepare you for the specific areas we’ll be reaching out to as well as better foster a sense of teamwork within your groups.

Q: If I’ve already attended Firestarters, can I skip the equipping?
A: Unfortunately not. Firestarters was designed to shift the way you see God and the supernatural lifestyle, whereas the equipping will cover more practical tools and tips on reaching out to the people in the surrounding neighborhoods. That said, if you’ve attended Firestarters, it will set you up well to absorb what we’ll be teaching you during the equipping.

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