Barry Yeow: From Syringe to Brush



23 Nov 2019


7 Armenian Street
Bible House #B2-01
Singapore 179932

From Syringe to Brush: From Strength to Strength

A full-time artist and owner of 5seventeen studio gallery in Singapore, artist Barry Yeow’s life is a journey of change and transformation, seeing value in himself and in others, and not giving up no matter how unfavorable the odds.

An art mentor at the Visual Arts Hub, Changi Prison, his work has been exhibited not only locally but has gone as far as Turkey, Myanmar, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Penang, Vietnam, Philippines, and New York.

His success today is a stark contrast to his younger days of heroin and prison time. Visit us on 23rd Nov at 3:30pm to hear how the goodness of God transformed his life from a syringe user to a brush master of purpose and significance.

Please note that Barry Yeow’s sharing will be done in English. No translation will be provided. 


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