Christian Education

Discipleship Courses
Central to Petra’s vision of raising sons and daughters to reveal God’s glory, the Discipleship track helps new and mature believers grow in Christlikeness. Each course brings both classroom and practical components to give participants actionable ways to grow in character and in deed.

• First Steps (40 Days Devotional)
• Renewal Camp
• Discipleship 1
• Discipleship 2
• Restoring The Heart
• Leadership School 1
• Leadership School 2
• Good Shepherd Camp
• Rediscovering The Gospel


Equipping Courses
The Equipping track empowers you with knowledge and skills for Christian living, each designed for important life milestones and needs. Training for different ministries also falls under this track.

• Baptism Class
• Marriage Preparation Course
• Navigating Your Finances God’s Way
• Living The Gospel