Vision & Mission

We are a family of God that raises His sons and daughters to reveal the Father's glory.

Our priority is devotion to God. He takes first place, and we minister to Him above all else. To worship, host His presence and fellowship with Him in our individual lives and corporate meetings is worth more than all programs or knowledge.

Building community comes second. As we commune with Him, the Lord gives us grace to love one another as He loved us. We find joy, strength and mutual refining in real and covenantal relationships.

Because God has given gifts to every saint for the building up of His body, we care for the empowerment of our family. The recognition and exercise of gifts—whether hospitality or healing, teaching or giving—are deliberate goals for the growth of our church. 

Jesus’s work on the cross won us to Himself, purchasing eternal salvation so that whether awake or asleep we might be with Him. He longs for the lost just as He longed for us. His heart is for us to join Him in the harvest through outreach.