Turning a Father to his Father

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5 Oct 2014


Name withheld

Both my parents are from a traditional Chinese family background and believe in ancestral worship. Although my dad has been invited to Chinese evangelistic events before, he has never responded to an altar call nor allowed anyone to pray for him. However, a healing miracle took place in my father’s life after the healing team from Petra Church prayed for him. I am now writing this testimony to give God all the glory!

This was what happened…

A while back, my father started experiencing giddiness and chest discomfort. He was subsequently sent to the A&E of Singapore General Hospital, and then referred to the National Heart Centre for further diagnosis. After going through two heart stress tests, the doctors confirmed that there was a blockage in his artery. The cardiologist recommended an angiogram and angioplasty (basically, heart surgery) to clear the blockage in his artery.

On the 2nd of September 2014, two members of Petra Church’s healing ministry came to pray for my father at the Singapore General Hospital before his surgery. It was already a miracle that my father allowed them to pray for him, as he’d been resistant to prayer in the past. He was visibly touched by the love of God flowing through them.

My father’s heart surgery was scheduled for the next day: the 3rd of September 2014. Since he was not under full anesthesia, he was conscious. But after the cardiologist had begun the surgery, he realized that he could not find any blockage in my father’s heart! It was truly a miracle!

I shared with my father about God’s grace and healing miracle in his body. My father agreed that although the medical test showed that there had been a blockage in his heart, it had somehow disappeared in the operating theatre. Praise God!

Jesus, thank you for healing my father! I am also very thankful to the healing team and my LifeGroup, who came to visit and pray for my father, showing him his Father’s love for him.

All glory be to God!

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