The Favour Of God

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6 Feb 2014


Valentina Tan

Pastor John’s sermon about “The Favour Of God” reminded me of a time when His favour was revealed to me in a very practical way.

On October 2013, Starhub informed me that I could renew my current mobile contract with the given $50 voucher. However, as I was evaluating my finances and did not feel any urgency to change my phone, I decided to wait.

Subsequently, in January 2014, Starhub surprised me with a $100 voucher: I had been specially chosen to enjoy $100 off from any 2-year contract upgrade! After I upgraded my phone line, I realised the reason that I’d been chosen. Under my account, I was still listed under a corporate line (a benefit given to me by my previous company). However, about 3-4 years ago, I had left the company and was no longer paying the bill at a corporate rate. So when I heard the sermon that Pastor John preached on the 2nd of February, I could resonate with the principle that when the favour of God is upon you, favour just follows you! By the grace of God, I received blessings which I did nothing to earn. Simply because I’m the child of the King of kings, I inherited ALL of His riches and blessings!

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