A Supernatural Birth

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23 Jan 2015


Jeannie Anastasia Koe

My husband and I were so happy when we found out I was pregnant. It was a miracle, considering that I was diagnosed as the youngest ever menopause patient by my doctor.

The first trimester was terrible. I was weak, had nausea, and lost my appetite. On the last day of my first trimester, just when I thought it was about time for a mini-celebration, I suddenly began bleeding heavily and profusely. It was a shock to me, and I didn’t know what was happening or what to expect. I called my gynaecologist, and he wanted to meet me at the A&E as soon as possible. I was still bleeding heavily during the journey there.

When we reached the hospital, my gynaecologist assessed the situation and his face was filled with worry. He told Colin to prepare for the worst. He suspected that my water bag had burst, which meant that there was no way the baby could be kept alive. Colin’s face turned pale, and I was shattered. However, the gynaecologist said to do a scan to confirm what he had suspected. Thank God – the scan showed that the water bag was still intact! However, I was still bleeding profusely and he could not figure out the reason for it. I was hospitalized for half a month and sent home with total bed rest. The doctor classified me as a high risk. I was devastated.

While I was still in the hospital, the doctor brought the news of my baby possibly having Down Syndrome, adding that the results were only borderline. This simply added to my devastation, though. I was still bleeding up until my 6th month, and the doctor was very worried as it was too early to deliver.

Every day, I lay in bed reading the psalms as I clung on to hope. One night, I had a dream of a baby. Then Gina, one of my leaders, said that while she was praying for me, she saw a vision of me in a garden that was full of bright flowers and grass. In the vision, I was dancing and hopping around, looking very happy – and holding a baby in my arms. This brought me great comfort, and I held onto the vision whenever I felt afraid.

When I was approaching my third trimester, something in my mind told me: “This pregnancy is from God. It’s his desire to bless me with a child, and the Bible says that his blessing doesn’t bring any sorrow. So I shouldn’t be in sorrow now, and I shouldn’t be suffering.” I prayed and bound all spirits of fear and destruction. I rebuked the devil’s schemes and lies in Jesus’s name. I declared the remainder of my pregnancy to be glorious, safe, and enjoyable. From that day on, I felt energetic, refreshed, and at peace.

I delivered my baby at 39 weeks, after 5 hours of labour. She came out a healthy 3.18kg, and the three rounds of umbilical cord did not harm her. It was my supernatural childbirth. I named her Danielle, because just like Daniel in the Bible, she escaped the lion’s den. Plus, the biblical Daniel refused to bow down and give in to the pleasures of the world but worshipped the Lord wholeheartedly and faithfully.

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