Testimony of Jesus’s Love and the Restoration of Marriage

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15 Sep 2014



It was April 2013. My husband had moved to my mother-in-law’s house, and my world collapsed all around me when I received the separation deed some time later. I felt an intense pain starting from my throat and continuing down to my stomach and fingertips. I could hardly stand up.

It was during this crisis that I also experienced great intimacy with Jesus. I started by going for inner healing ministry at Petra Church. God sent many angels (in the form of people and messages from Rejoice Marriage Ministry — Charlyne Cares) to encourage me, who wept and prayed with me. It felt like I was walking on water: I couldn’t afford to take my eyes off Jesus, or I would surely have drowned.

During one of the inner healing sessions, Jesus revealed to me that deep inside I felt trapped with many regrets and much sadness. It began when I was in my mother’s womb, where I felt all of her negative emotions and took them on as my own. Jesus came and exposed those lies I had believed and gently healed those negative emotions with His love and warmth. This was only one of the many scenes Jesus showed me.

He also showed me two partially charred bodies, which symbolized my husband and I. My husband had a rope tied around his neck, and there was something pulling him away. Jesus was shielding us from a furious storm, and His clothes and hair were blown to one side. The prayer ministers and I prayed to cut that rope off from my husband.

Every day, no matter how discouraging and painful the situation was, I was bolstered by the prayers and encouragement of the angels around me and supported by the Restoring the Foundations “Walking Out Your Healing” messages. Because of His grace, I was able to stand firm on God’s promises in faith as He spoke to me every day, telling me to trust Him. God would bring him back. I found grace to access God’s power, using the spiritual weapons He gave me to fight. With God constantly pouring out His promises during my two ministry sessions and telling me that I was a warrior of God, I kept fighting the good fight of faith in my spirit. I did prayer walks in my house, took up God’s sword (His Word), and prayed it out loud. God held me up as I was weak from not eating and sleeping much. I felt Jesus’s loving embrace, and realized that He is so close to the brokenhearted. In my encounters with Him when I was down and out, He wiped my tears, embraced me in His arms, and even danced with me.

After four and a half months of battle, God’s revelation and victory on the cross prevailed over my circumstances: He restored my marriage at a “Love After Marriage” workshop! When God is for us, nothing can be against us. His ways are higher than our ways, and His thoughts are higher than our thoughts. Today, I am still marvelling at the way God worked through this trial.

Every day, He spoke to me tenderly. Looking back at my journal, I can see His hand throughout, and I know now that His promises always stand. Glory to our mighty God, the great I AM! His mercies are new every morning.

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