Stove, Ignite in the name of Jesus!

Posted on

11 Aug 2015


Calvin Braja

One of my stoves wouldn’t ignite suddenly on Saturday. I did whatever I could do to solve the problem (cleaning etc but without messing with what’s inside, like changing the igniters) but it just could not ignite. On Sunday I checked a few times but it still wouldn’t ignite. On Monday afternoon I checked but it still wouldn’t ignite and I gave up. I asked around where I could have it fixed then I went out to have dinner. Before heading out, I checked again. Negative.

Coming back from dinner, when I just stepped into my place, I just suddenly remembered the Myanmar mission trip’s testimony of how they asked the people to lay hands on sick people. So I just laid hand on that stove that stopped working suddenly, in the name of Jesus. A simple of less than 10 seconds prayer and I turned the stove on. And it can ignite!! Coincidental? I don’t know. But this is what I know. It stopped working suddenly and despite of what I did to solve the issue on Saturday night, it just didn’t show any result at all on Sunday and Monday afternoon. And it just worked suddenly again after praying in the name of Jesus.

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