Convicted by Holy Spirit to stop taking bipolar medication

Posted on

9 Apr 2019


Lim Soo Mooi ( Catherine)

I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in Feb 2012 and my doctor advised me to take medication for life. The medicines have side effects which include slowing down of my thinking, lost focus, moodiness, sleepiness and weight gain.

I attended GA in 2017 and Pastor John taught about “switching power source”. The Holy Spirit convicted me that I should not depend on medicine to control my moods and that I should have trust in Jesus to heal my soul and body. Pastor John and the WCLG leaders have prayed for me and I was fully convicted by Holy Spirit to stop taking medicine on 9 Sep 2017. It has been 1.5 years, I feel more alert now and have a sound mind, better control of my appetite. I am led by the Holy Spirit in my walk with God and can sleep well every night. God has revealed vision and given confirmation that I am completely healed. All glory to Him.

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