Ruptured eardrum healed!

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30 Jan 2014


Maggie Long

Two weeks ago, I had the flu – and as I was blowing my nose pretty hard, I felt a sharp pain in my right ear and I felt something burst. Startled, I tried checking my hearing by speaking, and realized that my hearing had been affected and I could no longer modulate my voice: I could not tell whether I was speaking loudly or softly. Luckily, it was nearing the end of the day, and shortly afterwards I went off for cell group.

During worship at cell group, the Lord showed me a vision of a boat, with Jesus standing at its tip. He told me, “enjoy My presence,” over and over again; although I was still worried about my ear, I focused on enjoying His presence. The next thing I heard from Him was “step over” – and in the vision, He was stepping over and standing in the storm. It was as if he was telling me to follow him and step over and enjoy His presence in the storm. Later, at the end of cell group, Wai Seng prayed for me and told me to see the doctor the next day.

At the polyclinic, the doctor checked my hearing. The left ear was fine, but the doctor was alarmed because when she checked my right ear, there was a big hole and it looked bad. My first question was, “will I lose my hearing?” and she replied that she was not sure whether she’d be able to patch it up for me, but that she would give me a referral. If I was in great pain, she said, then I could go to the emergency ward – otherwise, I should just wait for the appointment with the specialist.

I went back home and prayed and prayed. It improved by a little! Then, on Sunday, I went to the healing line in front – they prayed for me and it improved even more. On Monday, my hearing was fully restored! I’ll be going back to the specialist in February to confirm that my eardrum is completely healed. God is good!

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