Right Ear Healed

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29 Aug 2015


Karen Koh

I had been experiencing a blocked sensation in my right ear since November 2014 and was diagnosed after a series of tests as having hearing impairment due to some damage within the right ear. I had difficulty hearing and any loud noise would cause further ‘reverberations’ within my head which caused me much discomfort and distress.

Family members expressed concern over the prolonged condition and asked me to seek further medical treatment and use hearing aids which I resisted. I stood in faith trusting that God would heal me one day.

During Pastor Christopher Alam’s service in Petra on 23 August 2015, he was prompted by the Holy Spirit to ask of those with hearing problems to come forth and receive healing at the altar. I stepped out to the front of the stage. Ps Alam laid hands on my ear (it was akin to a hard force) and I felt that supernatural healing was administered to me then.

Next morning on a Monday, when I woke up, I could hear with much clarity. I sought assurance from God during my quiet time. In my continued reading from the book of Acts, verse 25:22, jumped out at me resonating what was on my heart with “I would like to hear…” and ended with the assurance, “Tomorrow you will hear (him)”. I felt it was a rhema from the Lord.

On Tuesday, I tested out my hearing in a noisy food court and could hear clearly. I was completely healed of the blocked sensation in my right ear. Praise the Lord! Our God is awesome and great is His love towards us!

Thank you Pastor Alam and Petra!

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