Restoration and Wholeness

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1 Feb 2017


Rachel Tan Hui Hing

The word of knowledge that God gave me just before the Petra House Community Day was RESTORATION. In November 2016, He restored my career when I surrendered all of it to Him in July that year. How God would restore my health was beyond my imagination. I’ve had indigestion since I was a young adult. In my second month of work, my gall bladder was inflamed. I went in an ambulance to the hospital but it was only after 3 days that it was diagnosed as acute cholecystitis.

While waiting for surgery, I looked out the window to the gorgeous clouds in the warm blue sky. I asked God what is one word He has for me in the Year of the Rooster. The word WHOLENESS came to me. Every experience in this episode showed me how God will take care of me in my old age. I always knew in my heart that He would, but this was confirmatory of His unending love, through Clementi LG, my best friend and my own family.

My niece later urged me to stay with her mother in Punggol. I was afraid to be so far from Ng Teng Fong Hospital but felt in the spirit that I should accept the offer. My elder sister, a staunch buddhist, took great care of me. During my stay there, I would worship the Lord in the room and pray for healing and restoration in her family.

A few days after I left, my sister told me that her sister-in-law visited her, apologized for the misunderstandings years before, and hugged my sister crying. I feel God is doing something big this year to restore my broken family. Praise unending be God’s forevermore!

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