Protection and Being Healed

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6 Sep 2014


Kate Ng

In August, an HDB officer came to check and fix the toilet door at my in laws’ place. I was speaking to the officer who was adjusting the door, and we did not see that my father-in-law had walked near with my toddler in his arms. Then, for a split moment I glanced to the door, still speaking with the officer, when I suddenly noticed that my child’s fingers were in the gap at the door’s hinges. I quickly held the door and removed his hand. Thank God for His protection!

Personally, I was also healed of a pain at my left elbow — I don’t know how it got injured, because I couldn’t remember hitting it against anything. It was uncomfortable and the persistent pain felt like rheumatism. My husband and I prayed and anointed my elbow with oil. In a few days, the pain left. Praise God!

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