God’s little surprises

Posted on

20 Jan 2014


Gina Ong-Tan

Last Saturday, my husband was away on course. I brought my 3 kids out by myself, as I had to take the 2 older boys to their Chinese speech and drama class in the morning. The car park there is always horrendous, with a throng of cars queuing to drop off and pick up their kids from class.

As we were approaching the car park and saw the long queue of cars, I told the boys to pray for God to give us a parking lot. Otherwise, it would be really troublesome if I had to park at another nearby public car park with 3 kids in tow. And God really gave us a sweet surprise: a car left and emptied the lot just in front of us. Even better: the car in front of us in the queue just drove past and left us the lot!

I really thank God for encouraging our faith with small little favours like this. I feel so loved!

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