Open Heavens for Graphics Cards!

Posted on

20 Sep 2014


Aaron Ang

While taking the lift back home after returning from the mission trip to Bangkok, I was musing on the idea of open heavens. I thought, “since we have open heavens over us, I think I can also pray and ask God to repair my laptop graphics card.” It had broken down while I was in the US for a business trip just before my trip to Thailand.

In March, the same thing had happened, and it took about 5 weeks and cost RM2K+ to fix it.

So I laid hands on my laptop and asked God to restore the graphics card, fix the hard disk, and then I tried turning it on. It did not work the first 2 times. Discouraging voices started coming to me. I just kept trusting God, and an idea came to my mind to hook the laptop to an external monitor and kick start the graphics card. It worked! God is amazingly good. A big burden dropped from my shoulders.

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