Miracles at the Dinner Table

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20 Sep 2014


Isaac Ong

Hey all! Just here to share six creative miracles God just did! Uncle Henry, Auntie Laly, Colin, and Jeannie were having fellowship over at my parents’ house. Over dinner, we were sharing with them the healing miracles that took place during the recent Bangkok Mission Trip, and Auntie Laly mentioned that she had been having back problems and had just sprained it the night before.

We prayed for her, and afterwards, all the pain left her and she could bend all the way down and even dance! Then, we prayed for Uncle Henry, who had uneven legs and a painful heel on his left leg which had been hurting him on and off for two months. We prayed in the name of Jesus, and now his legs are balanced and he can’t find the pain! Hallelujah! That’s three miracles!

We then prayed for my dad’s bad left knee, and Colin had a revelation that it was actually a problem with the tendons and ligaments. We addressed the problem and asked him to test it, to which he replied that it felt better but was not yet completely healed. I knew God would not settle for half a healing, and that we would come back to address it later. My dad also had one leg shorter than the other, and the legs straightened out when we prayed for it!

Then, Jeannie wanted prayer for her spine, because she had been having back pain. We prayed for her, and midway I received a word of knowledge that there was a curvature in the spine. She confirmed that she had scoliosis that was so bad that her bone was pressing on her kidneys, and she’d had to go to A&E to check whether it was kidney failure. We asked for a new spine from heaven, and now it’s completely healed! Praise the Lord!

Finally, we went back to my dad’s bad knee and prayed for it again. This time, he reported an 80% healing. We were trusting God for a complete healing in Jesus’s name, so we prayed again, and this time, he said it was 90% better. We prayed one last time, and he said that he could not find the pain anymore! He can now squat and stand without support. All praise and glory be to God our Father in heaven! He is good!

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