Left Leg Meniscus Tear

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17 Jan 2016


Name withheld

In mid-March of 2012, one fine weekday while at work, I felt pain on my left leg.For two years from then onwards, I was in pain every time I tried to walk.

Apparently, when my legs and body become tense, my nerves and muscles harden. Massages helped, but I would still go to work limping. During that time, I tried out traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) but it didn’t really work. I also got sisters in Christ and pastors to pray, but the pain did not get better.

I struggled like this for two years. The pain was unbearable, cutting through my heart every time I walked or got up from the bed. I was in tears, crying out to Abba Father to have mercy on me and to pardon me if I’d grieved the Holy Spirit. Every day I kept crying, talking, praying, and bargaining with ABBA Father to heal me.

Due to the lack of manpower at work, I kept delaying my appointment at the Polyclinic (and later on, TTSH). When I finally made it to TTSH for a check-up, the physiotherapist said that the x-ray showed I had a meniscus tear behind my left leg. To cut a long story short, the doctor gave me a few options: to go for an operation or to inject lubricants (neither of which had any guarantee).

After much research, I decided to trust that Jesus was my Healer. The Bible says that by His stripes, I am healed! So I told the doctor that I’d pray, and he gave me about a month and two weeks of medical leave. I rested at home and at the same time continued to go to church.

One Sunday, I made a recording of Pastor John’s prophecy on Jesus healing sickness and disease. I decided to place the recording on my leg and agree with it, saying “amen” over and over again. I also went up to the Healing Team for prayer. Every time I went, I’d feel the presence of the Holy Spirit over me. I went back for prayer two more times.

One day, a miracle took place: I found myself with no pain! There was so much joy in my heart that Abba Father had healed my leg. There was no more pain, and my left leg got stronger day by day. I am now able to go to work again!

Thank you Abba Father for walking with me through life!

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