Jehovah Jireh YHWH Will Provide

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1 Nov 2016


Name withheld

Since I surrendered my life to Jesus so many years ago, the journey with God has been an adventure – even now. My world became so BIG and my professional options wide. He has always provided work for me. My career path switched from Mechanical Engineering (Oil & Gas industry) to Six Sigma (B.A. Psych) to Education (M.Ed Dec’16) – and I had absolutely no connection at each of the crossovers. But Jesus is the only connection I need!

Four months ago, I felt God ask me to resign from work. There was such a deep peace. It was the best decision I’ve made because I was actually exhausted to the core but didn’t know how to step on the brakes. The month before that, I was impressed in my spirit to make an offering for the church renovation. It was a substantial amount for me. The month after that, I resigned without a job. Then I wondered, did I give too much? I repent of that thought for God who is Jehovah Jireh has provided me with a new job that exceeded what I gave.

My heart is filled with thanksgiving and praise to God and for the LifeGroup family that He put me in throughout this journey. Chi Chuan is the younger brother I never had. Thank God both he and Jan obeyed the calling and started Clementi LG where many lives are being touched. So grateful to Ivan and Geri for hosting the BIG group, as well as musicians David & Ivan who elevate our worship into His realm. God bless Petra Church and all the LGs!

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