It was God who healed me. He is amazing!

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18 Aug 2015


Name withheld

Yes! It was only because of His mercy and love that I survived a serious depression. I was an atheist at that time and was unable to comprehend God’s love for me. I was hurt and was left with a lot of pain.

My most beloved friend prayed for me (though I was reluctant to believe). Every word of God that she uttered brought forth the most unbelievable healing to my mind, body and soul. I did nothing but surrender and exchange my burden with God, soon to realize that that He is God Almighty and I have missed his love all these days of my life. I never want to miss my heavenly father any more, I decided to embrace Him and love Him ever since.

The peace I experience today was His gift to me and my family. The darkness I was experiencing dwindled away because I became more aware of His presence.

I started to attend prayer service at Petra thereafter.

Today I know that I am a child of God and I know that God loves me so much. I live a quality life without any medication; I regained my self-esteem, and my confidence. I am a dancer, a blogger, a happy mother and a proud wife. God is amazing, isn’t He?

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