How My Mother Came to Know Lord Jesus

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20 Dec 2015


Stephen Seah Chee Ann

Ever since I became a Christian, I’ve received a lot of blessings in every area, especially from Tampines LG. They helped to clean up the clutter in my flat and gave me love gifts and furniture. I believe all these actions sowed seeds in my mother’s heart and changed her impression of Christianity as time went by.

My mother had been admitted to the hospital a few times this year. Each time, my LG members never failed to visit her, showing her love and concern. One day, one of them shared the gospel with her and offered to pray the sinner’s prayer with her. Though she accepted it, she had not really opened her heart to Jesus. Perhaps she didn’t really know the meaning of the sinner’s prayer or there was still some form of spiritual blindness in her.

This month, she was admitted to the hospital again, and doctors confirmed that she was in the last stage of her life. Led by the Holy Spirit, I shared with her the external death non-believers suffer after they leave this world, whereas believers will have eternal life. I also told her I wanted her to be with me for eternity.

Touched by my words and the blessings from my LG members, she finally decided to fully accept Jesus as her Lord and Saviour, and went through water baptism today.

Hallelujah, all honour and glory to our Almighty Lord!

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