Healing and Salvation

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5 May 2015


Stephen Seah Chee Ann

Hi everyone!

This is the testimony of how I came to believe in Jesus Christ.

I used to be very involved in astrology and tarot card reading. I spent thousands of dollars learning those skills, thinking I could help others to change their destiny for a better future and earn a side income from it.

But after getting to know Erica, who is Christian, she shared with me the dangers of practising astrology and tarot cards. She also explained to me that Christians find true peace and hope for their future by putting their trust in God for everything in life.

Recently, my mother was very sick in the hospital. At the same time, I was also suffering from migraines and chest pain. Erica invited me to church to be prayed over for healing and blessings. After the service, I actually experienced more discomfort. But I was very touched by the presence of God, so I continued to attend the following week.

Dear friends, my migraines have not returned ever since!

However, the chest pain persisted and my mother’s condition worsened. At one point, she was not even able to recognise me. I believe this was spiritual warfare! I believe the devil wanted to stop me from believing in Jesus!

One night, I woke up in the middle of the night. I had a prompting to register online for the baptism class. It was there that all these friends at the class prayed with me to receive Jesus Christ as my Lord & Saviour. As they prayed for me, I started to cry uncontrollably. I didn’t even cry when my father passed away, so it must have been the Holy Spirit’s work in me!

Thanks to my Lifegroup too! They kept praying for us: now my mother will soon be discharged, and my chest pains are gone too.

Today, I declare that I have decided to follow Jesus all my life! Thank you Lord Jesus!

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