Healed of intense back pain

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18 Jan 2015


Pamela Goh

For no reason I could fathom, I had intense pain in my lower back for four days. I could not stand, sit, or even lie down without excruciating pain, and I could not sleep well at night.

I went to a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner, Western doctor, and massage: nothing helped. In fact, the supposedly strong muscle relaxant and sleeping pills I was given affected my sleep even more. I was exhausted, and I wondered to myself how long the pain would last, or whether I could continue working.

Fortunately, I managed to attend the Chinese service, although I had to alternate between standing, sitting, and walking around to ease the pain. After the service, I saw Elder Rachel and felt led to ask her to pray for me. We prayed and agreed that the pain had to leave. Afterwards, I went for lunch with my family at the 3rd Space cafe. Upon standing up after lunch, I realised that the pain was gone! I turned, bent, and twisted my body: there was no pain at all. Thank you God for this instantaneous and miraculous healing! It is all for your glory. Hallelujah!

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