Healed of Glaucoma

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20 Jul 2013


Poh Chi Chuan

My dad was diagnosed with glaucoma almost a year ago. At the time, he had lost a third of his vision in his right eye, and 10% in his left eye. Even though his eye pressure was under control with medication, the prognosis was that the damaged part of his optic nerve would never recover, and his vision would be impaired permanently.

However, during one of the services at Petra, Pastor Christopher Alam shared with Petra a testimony of an old man who was healed of blindness. Knowing that this healing was through the grace of God, I prayed that He would heal my dad’s glaucoma. I hoped that the same anointing that healed the old man of his blindness would heal my dad and restore his vision.

A week later, my dad went for his regular eye check-up. While reviewing my dad’s medical history, the doctor noticed that my dad’s vision test wasn’t typical of glaucoma, and recommended that an MRI be done. A 3-cm tumor was detected behind his eye, which was pressing on his optic nerve.

I was confused over this turn of events, especially since I had just prayed for my dad’s vision. However, my wife, Jan, shared with me that she felt peace when I broke the news to her. She felt that God’s hand was on this matter. Subsequently, we found that the process leading up to the operation went very smoothly: we managed to find a senior consultant in a public hospital, which saved us a substantial amount. The operation was a success, and the tumor was removed. My dad was discharged a few days later, and even though it was a brain surgery, there were no visible scars at all!

A visual test was conducted two months after the operation, and the vision in his right eye has now been restored to 92%! As my dad is a non-believer, we used this chance to share with him Jesus’s love to us too. We give Jesus the glory for the reversal of glaucoma, and we remain in faith that salvation will break out in my household. Hallelujah!

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