Healed of bone fracture

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27 Jun 2013


Jane Chan

I discovered that I sustained a 5th metatarsal fracture on my right foot after coming back from my holiday on 14 May, 2013. On my doctor’s advice, I spent a month resting and waiting for my fracture to heal. In the meantime, my foot was in a cast and I was to go about on crutches. However, during the next check-up, and after one month of waiting, I was told that there had been no improvement and was asked to consider going for surgery to re-align the fractured bones so that the healing process could begin. I did so the very next day.

A titanium plate and 5 titanium screws were placed into my foot to hold the fractured bone together. After my operation, I was very hopeful as the doctor told me I’d be able to put weight on my heel and walk. But one and a half weeks after my operation, I was still unable to do so. I couldn’t shift my weight from my left foot to my right, as my ankle could not take my weight. Each time I placed my right foot on the ground without exerting any pressure, I would feel many pins and needles underneath my foot, and if I did put some weight on it, my ankle would hurt and feel too weak to support my entire body.

Then, about 2 weeks after my operation on 23 June, I decided that I would ask Pastor John to pray for me. As I was waiting to get prayer, two girls came by and asked to pray for me. I was hesitant at first, but I said OK. Once they ended their prayer, there were four more people around me from the healing team. They said they were queuing to pray for me and asked if I would let them — after that, Pastor John could pray too. I said, “Sure!”

I closed my eyes as Gui Min placed her hands over my foot. I was expecting supernatural warmth to flood over my foot – and when I felt nothing, I thought, “OK, maybe not.” She asked me if I felt anything, so I wiggled my foot. It was still stiff as the muscles had not been used for close to one-and-a-half months. But I felt that the side of my foot had become tighter and I told her so. She continued praying for me. With my eyes closed again, I felt my foot tightening once more. This time, I thought Gui Min’s hands were around my foot, squeezing it. But when I opened my eyes, I only saw her hand slightly above my foot. She was not touching it at all.

Jerry then asked if I wanted to try standing and walking. Then I said, “But I can’t walk on my foot.” He told me to try standing first, and if I fell, they would catch me. I was so scared. In my heart, I was half expecting the pain like before. But this time when I stood on both feet, I felt no pain in my foot. I was very surprised by this. Jerry asked if I was OK. I said, “yes!” And then he said, “Do you want to try walking?” Again I was hesitant, but seeing that I felt no pain while standing, I thought, “OK, let’s give it a shot.”

With my first step forward on my right foot, I felt no pain. I next placed my left foot forward to shift the weight over, and still there was no pain. I took a few more steps, and there was no pain at all. I was walking and moving without any trouble! By the time it was my turn to be prayed for by Pastor John, I was crying tears of joy and telling her, “I can walk, I can walk!” I was so happy and right then I knew that God had healed me. Thoughts of how I had to go around in crutches vanished and I could only think of my life resuming to normal. I returned home that day and my family members were shocked that I was even able to climb the stairs. Truly, God is an amazing healer. Praise God!

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