Healed of Alopecia Areata

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21 Apr 2021


Ken Tanizar

It started with a tiny dot on the left side of my scalp, which I noticed during a shower. It was negligible in size, but even then, it made my heart skip a beat. I brushed it aside. But after a couple of weeks, it was still there and had grown in diameter.

Upsettingly, it had grown big enough that my hairstylist pointed it out to me. I told her that it was ok and would be gone soon, but it had begun to irritate me. I tried not to let it worry me, rubbed brandy on the spot, and confessed faith-filled scriptures over it.

Over the following few weeks the bald patch grew to the size of a 5-cent coin. Then it grew to the size of a 10-cent coin, at which point I went for medical help.

I was told that this condition is called Alopecia Areata. The doctor assured me it was treatable, that fortunately it was not spreading all over, and that it should clear soon especially if a steroid jab was taken. I consented to it, so that it would clear up.

Several weeks passed. Not only did my existing patch refuse to clear up, but in addition I noticed a small bald patch on the other side of my head. By now I was truly worried!

I quickly went to the doctor, who then said that this auto-immune disease is unpredictable. They were no longer sure how long it would take to cure it and in fact began to caution me that the hair may never return for some people, potentially due to cause of “stress”! The moment she mentioned the word “stress”, I heard it as “fear”, and I immediately recalled 1 John 4:18: there is no fear in love.

Almost six months later since the whole incident began, a third bald patch was appearing at the back of my head near the neck and I was very concerned.

I embarked on a war-mode action plan on two fronts:

1) On the medical side, I decided to endure regular steroid jabs

2) In the spiritual realm, I brought it to God, prayed the word over the situation and went for inner healing ministry sessions.

My understanding is that fear is in the heart (not head), and I knew that to find my healing, I had to go to the root cause. Through Restoring The Foundations ministry as well as a few Immanuel Approach sessions, my heart started to grow calmer and I was no longer fearful.

Weeks passed as I underwent this two-front plan. Before long, my concerns about permanent Alopecia Areata dissolved as soft white baby hair began to grow over the bald patches. For a while, I even looked like a black Dalmatian with 3 white spots!

It may not have been a life and death situation but I never truly appreciated having a full head of hair until I was attacked by Alopecia Areata. Through the Heart Restoration Ministry at Petra, I was equipped to fight back and regain what is rightfully mine. Praise the Lord!

Since then, I have kept my hair longer than before so that I can feel the love of God each time I comb my hair and praise God for it!

Hallelujah! Thank you Jesus! Christ in us, the hope of glory!

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