God’s Unconditional Love is Real and Tangible

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5 Oct 2014


Name withheld

When I received the good news of my medical results, I was so grateful to God that the first thing I asked myself was: “How can I thank God?”  The word that came to my mind was, “testimony.” So I am writing this testimony to give God all the glory!

This was what happened…

On Friday, 19 September 2014, I did not feel well. I decided to see a doctor the next day. The doctor diagnosed me with a health condition, and referred me to a specialist, whom I saw that Monday. While waiting for my appointment with the specialist, I went up for prayer for healing that weekend.

When I saw the specialist on Monday, he wanted me to go for surgery to do a biopsy test immediately, as my blood test came back with abnormal results. When I heard that, I became very fearful. I called Pastor David at the hospital, and was encouraged by him. However, the suspense of the next few days was tormenting as I waited for my results to be released on Thursday. Every night, I had problems sleeping as I was so tormented by fear and anxiety.

It was during this very dark period of my life that God showed me His unconditional love through His people. My LifeGroup members (Diana, Maggie, and Deacon Ken) supported me with prayer, words of encouragement, and helped to build my faith in trusting God for His healing. They gave me books on healing as well as audio healing Scriptures. I was also very touched when the church sent me a hamper to wish me well. I had never experienced my Father’s unconditional love through His people in such a way. Thank you Father for loving me so much!

This trial brought me to a realization: God now had my full attention, and I listened to Him intently. I wondered what He wanted to speak to me about, and as I listened to the audio recordings of Scriptures on healing, the Holy Spirit revealed to me the condition of my heart and brought me to repentance.

After I repented, I realized that my spirit man was more sensitized to the prompting of the Holy Spirit. Before my medical results were released, I was prompted to look at my bedside calendar, which had Bible verses on it. That day was the 24th of September. When I turned the calendar to that date, the verse was Acts 3:16 – “It is Jesus’ name and the faith that comes through Him that has given this complete healing to him.” I sensed that the Holy Spirit was assuring me that I had received my healing before my medical results were out.

When the results finally came out, it turned out to be inflammation, and not some other dreaded disease. Praise God! Thank you Jesus!

During this 7-day trial, God revealed His character to me in the following ways:

1.      He is my healer.

2.      He is my Father.

3.      He loves me through His people – the body of Christ (pastors and LifeGroup members).

4.      He teaches me to receive unconditional love (through pastors and LifeGroup members).

5.      He is my provider through the body of Christ (support from pastors and LifeGroup members).

6.      He takes care of my needs through the body of Christ. (My LifeGroup members helped to buy food for me after my surgery as I was staying on my own).

7.      He is compassionate and cares for me. (As I went to the hospital alone, God sent a very caring nurse at the hospital to take care of me when I was feeling giddy after the surgery.  The nurse even took the time to sit outside the toilet just to ensure that I was alright.)

8.      He speaks to me through His words in different ways:

a)      Through audio healing scriptures on the condition of my heart, which lead to my repentance.

b)      Through scriptures printed on a calendar.

I am very thankful to Father God for loving me through the body Christ.  I want to say a special thank you to Diana, Maggie, Deacon Ken, and Pastor David.  The family of God has allowed me to experience God’s unconditional love in tangible ways.  Learning to accept love from Him through His people is an area that He wants to heal me in.  I have also learnt that being able to love God, love others, love myself, and accept love are important for my health.  Praise God for this revelation!

From a biblical perspective, seven days is also God’s complete number.  Though a seven day period sounds short, it was a very long time for me. It was also a precious learning journey for me as I surrendered to God: my heart softened and I began to hear Him speaking to me through His word. Praise be to God!

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