God’s Medicine Heals!

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22 Mar 2014


Joy Basumatary

Around the 1st week of Feb, I began to experience symptoms of an illness I could not identify. It began with my tongue feeling numb, and eventually, I lost my sense of taste. My hands also felt like they were burning, and my skin became very sensitive to cold. I gradually lost my mobility: I found it hard to balance while walking, I had no strength to go up steps, and I found myself unsteady when going down. I also lost some of the sensation in my bladder region and felt I could not hold my urine in when I laughed. It was scary and depressing … At times I wondered if I had brain damage!

I got prayed for in Gold Coast and fell once under the power of God. I took that as an encouragement that I was healed, even though the symptoms did not improve at that point.

When I arrived in Singapore, I saw a General Practitioner on the 1st of March. The doctor suspected that it was either a thyroid problem or deficiency in electrolytes. She took a blood test and sent me home with Vitamin B.

The following day was Sunday, when Pastor made us declare health over our body. He also shared about Roy being healed. I told myself that I was healed, though the symptoms were still about the same — and in the following days, I began to get better and better. Even Isaac, Eileen’s Hair’s husband, said he could see that I was much better compared to just a few days prior.

The blood test result came 4 days later: everything was normal, so the doctor decided to refer me to a neurologist. I only got an appointment a few days later, and because I was referred from a polyclinic, I could only get an MRI and nerve test on the 24th of April, with the doctor’s assessment in May. That was too long! Meanwhile, without any treatment or medication, I was steadily recovering!

During SLG, I shared with them and asked them to pray for me and agree with me that I was already healed. Pure Teo said she felt it was not a physical problem but a spirit of infirmity. She confirmed what I sensed inside. She prayed not healing but for the spirit to leave.

My health continued to improve without any treatment. Then, last week, I decided to see a chiropractor as the tingling in my hands was still there and I was about 90% better. After two sessions, I can say I am 99% healed. God promised that before I left Singapore, I would be well — and it’s happening! No medication! Praise God!

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