God’s love through His people

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23 Apr 2017


Name withheld

My 90 year-old mother has been under the care of Dr Lee for many years, at Alexandra Hospital, Geriatric Clinic, now moved to NTFGH. Recently she vomited something black, and blacked out twice, hence she was sent to A&E NTFGH. When admitted she was diagnosed with gastrointestinal bleeding and a mild heart attack. She also developed pneumonia during her 6-day stay at the hospital.

Dr Lee came specially to visit my mother at the ward. His concern comforted her greatly. On the day my mother was discharged from the hospital, we met Dr Lee again.

While she was hospitalized, Ps Joy from my mother’s previous church also came to visit (with a hamper) and prayed for her. My mother also received a hamper from Petra Church. I was deeply touched by their gesture and love. This is a picture of God’s love that I shared with in greater detail on Good Friday at the LG.

I am blessed to be part of church life in the Clementi LG. Grateful and thankful to God for leading me to Petra Church and Life Group through my neighbor, Jenny Yan. I was very blessed with prayer support from Clementi Life Group and other Christian friends. Join a Life Group if you have not. It is a place to practice life together !

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