God speaks in dreams and holds our future.

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29 Jul 2016


Name withheld

I was trying to find a career back in the shipping industry, which I had left 2 years ago. The market is bleak, and companies are either downsizing or freezing their head count. The situation didn’t look promising. I went to five interviews, but there weren’t any favourable responses from them.

In February, I had a dream in which I was about to be executed by a firing squad. When they were about to pull the trigger, a mad man suddenly ran out, and the firing squad exhausted every bullet on him instead. Since they’d run out of bullets, they decided to execute me the next day. I was so worried because the next day would be my last day on Earth. In the dream, I knew I needed to call Ken to help me out of the situation, so I gave him a call. At that juncture, I woke up from my sleep.

I couldn’t understand the meaning of the dream until I went to church camp in June, during which Pastor Steve Cioccolanti taught us about dream interpretation. He mentioned that sometimes names or things could be symbolic. When things began to unfold before me, I started to comprehend the dream’s meaning.

After no response from the various companies I’d applied to, my ex-boss suddenly called me and asked me to work for him. Earlier this year, he mentioned that the position he was offering me would not be available until the next year. However, during the call, he said he’d changed his mind and wanted to employ me to clear some backlog until the next year, upon which I’d be employed full-time. I accepted the offer and signed the employment letter without any interview.

I felt that the dream meant that the execution indicated an end to my current season, that someone would rescue me from the situation, and that I needed to look for Ken. When I look back at what transpired, my ex-boss rescued me by employing me — and his name is Kent.

Praise the Lord! Indeed God is the revealer of all mysteries and holds our future!

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