God, My Healer

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31 Mar 2020


Diana Tan

On 13 Jan 2020, I walked into Toa Payoh Polyclinic to check on my bloated left tummy. Thinking it may just be wind to get rid of, I never expected the doctor to send me immediately to Tan Tock Seng Hospital’s Accident & Emergency department. I was there for a night and then transferred to KK Hospital.

Things moved pretty fast and the next moment, the doctors saw me and told me that I needed surgery. The situation did not seem good for me. Cancer was suspected due to an ovarian mass but the doctors could not confirm it till a surgery and biopsy were done. An operation date on 3 Feb 2020 was then scheduled.

I thank God for giving me the blessing to enjoy Chinese New Year with my family before my surgery. I also thank God for the peace in my heart since the day the doctor revealed my condition. I was indeed calm and restful in the Lord. It was such a harrowing experience to go through the process of hospital admission, X-Ray, CT scan and finally, the operation.

On 18 Jan 2020, during a worship service in Petra, I saw the word “Cancer” with a red X across the word and also that I will be a minister of His Word. I thank God for His assurance which was in line with the words of knowledge received from my praying LG leaders and friends.

On the day of my operation while in the waiting room, I was praying and declaring Psalm 103:1-5, Psalm 118:17,18, Psalm 91:16, 1 Pet 2:24. I am thankful to God for my younger days when He gave me the discipline to memorise verses. It came in very useful to have God’s word in my heart and mind and to be able to claim it and declare it while on my hospital bed. It truly reminded me of the importance of having God’s Word stored in my mind and heart.

My operation took less than 4 hours and it went smoothly. In fact, I was able to walk and sit up on the 2nd day after my surgery. My doctor and nurses were surprised at my recovery rate. My surgeon even said that I am her most motivated patient as I was cheerful and positive.

Despite negative comments from my doctor while awaiting my final medical report, I continued to trust in God and rejected any other comments in prayer. Immanuel Practicum was very useful during that time as I sought the Lord for decisions and answers. I learnt to trust God and His Word and not depend on what I heard, saw or felt.

I was discharged on 6 Feb after staying 3 nights in KK Hospital. My 1st follow-up review was on 18 Feb and my wounds were reported to be recovering well, and my left ovarian tumour had been completely removed. Based on the final medical report, I was declared cancer-free and there was no spread of the cancer. On that day, my surgeon encouraged me to go for chemotherapy to play it safe. I sought the Lord using Immanuel Practicum and the Lord spoke to me and said “No chemo.” I prayed and asked God for further confirmation and if possible, it was a physical voice that I had hoped to hear.

At my 2nd review on 21 Feb with the oncologist, she explained the process and side-effects of chemotherapy. In the midst of our conversation, she shared that my case is stage 1A (cancer removed, no spread) and actually does not need chemotherapy. Praise the Lord! My cancer marker had also dropped to 38 from 215. Both my sister and I understood what this all meant! When we walked out of the room, my sister told me that I did not need chemotherapy as well. Prior to seeing my doctor, my sister had actually hinted  to me that I should undergo chemotherapy. Her friend had also called me to encourage me to start on chemotherapy. Indeed, it was a difficult decision to make but in my heart, I still hung onto God’s decision for me. Truly, He is a faithful God who answers all my prayers.

I had been taking Holy Communion daily and trusting God for complete healing. I recorded all the words of knowledge shared by those who prayed for me as words of affirmation and what they received from the Lord. I claimed it and believed in it. I am declaring God’s word over my life and claim His healing promises.

I thank God for this unexpected journey to get to know Him more intimately. Indeed, it has been amazing that God placed an inner peace in my heart throughout this journey. I thank God for His Word and the prayer support from my Orchard LG leaders and members who have helped me to go through this experience.

All Glory to God!

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