God Is Merciful

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14 May 2020


Diana Tan

On the evening of 26 April 2020, my mother started experiencing chest pains that would not go away. Before this happened, she had also experienced blood loss for two days due to her piles.

I sent her to see the General Practitioner, who immediately referred her to the Accident & Emergency department of Singapore General Hospital (SGH). I was so thankful the admission process was smooth and fast!

My mother was admitted for her chest pain, low blood count and the piles condition. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, no visitors were allowed – this made it especially painful for my mum and my family. As my mother is totally deaf, she had problems communicating with the medical staff, and experienced states of confusion and struggle.

The first few days of the hospitalisation were especially disheartening as doctors called me daily to share negative updates about her condition. She had required an oxygen machine to help her breathe, and on the second night, she suffered a mild heart attack. The doctors had then asked me to mentally prepare for the worst as she was already 83 years old. Her birthday was two days away on 29 April 2020 and it was sad to see her suffering alone.

I sought the Lord fervently, taking the Holy Communion daily, and asking God for His grace and mercy upon my mother. I requested God to grant my mother an extension of her life and the number 89 appeared in my mind as I was praying – which is an extension of 5 years of her life – a number which my heart really wanted. I then declared and decreed Psalm 103-1-5 and Psalm 118:17-18 upon my mother that she will live to declare the works of the Lord and give glory to the Lord.

Throughout this period of praying and waiting for God’s divine intervention, I learnt more about declaring and decreeing the Word of God. Each day, I spoke life upon my mother and cancelled all the negative comments from the doctors, and learnt to entrust my mother into God’s hand.

Despite the difficult separation, I trusted that she was in the good hands of the Lord, and in the good care of the SGH doctors and nurses. I thank God for friends and Orchard LifeGroup, who stood by and prayed along with me.

My mother was hospitalised for 11 days and she was discharged on 7 April 2020. Upon her return, she was silent for two days which got me worried. I then proceeded to pray for healing and cleansing of the home and to cut off ungodly soul ties made during her hospitalisation. On the 3rd day of her return, she began to talk, and over time, returned back to her normal self.

I truly thank the Lord for His healing and mercy upon my mother. All praise and glory to the Lord!

Psalms 136:1 – Oh, Give thanks to the LORD, for He is good! For His mercy endures forever.

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