Even little chicks receive His attention.

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17 Oct 2015


Hannah Wong

My fiancé, Iezekiel, & I just missed the bus that would drop us right outside my home. The next was going to take over 20 minutes to arrive, & I just wanted to get home & rest. When this other bus stopped in front of us, I randomly recalled that we could take it, alight further away, & walk the rest of the way home. So we took it.

As we were walking & laughing, I suddenly heard chirping, the kind of chirping juvenile birds would make when they are calling their family. We looked down, and spotted two small chicks! The poor things were huddled together, and the flock that we see in the day were nowhere to be found. The cats in the area are fast, and no doubt they could catch the chicks with no roosters or hens to protect them. These two sitting in plain sight are goners if we simply left them. I thought they were lost & returned too late to rejoin the flock, so we decided to catch them & return them the next day. We caught one after quite a bit of chasing, but the other went running into the undergrowth. Try as we might, we couldn’t even spot it. So we went home with the one chick. Hopefully the other would survive the night alone. We gave the little one some cuddles, and she was so comfortable with us that she did not want to return to her box.

The next day, my mum released the chick to the flock, but the flock simply ignored her! She was not one of them! Thinking back to the last night, I realised they were probably pets who were released when the humans got bored of them. I went back that evening and walked the entire path to see if I could catch them again. When I reached the end without hearing a single chirp, I prayed. “Lord, if they need my help to survive, please make it easy to find and catch them.”

When I walked back up the path, I turned on my flashlight and scoured the ground for them. Someone who happened to cross my path said that the chickens have all roosted and there wouldn’t be chicks on the ground, he did not hear any chirping, so I gave up. Less than 10 paces away, I heard soft, weak chirping. I turned around, and right in front of me were the two little chicks! They had reunited! I really had not planned to find them, so I was not carrying any bags or boxes to catch or hold them. I stuck my hand out, and grabbed the chick we caught yesterday gently. She did not even struggle! The other simply looked up at me, so I slowly moved in and grabbed her too. With one chick in each hand, I walked home triumphantly.

It was definitely not chance that we came across those chicks on the one time we decide to come back on that route, just like it was no coincidence that they did not even try to evade capture the second day. God is taking care of them, just like He takes care of us. Even little chicks receive his attention.

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