Blessings Over Disaster, Praise the Lord!

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21 Apr 2021


Name withheld

On the eve of Chinese New Year in 2021, I carried 3 large bags of waste for recycling, wanting to bring them to the ground floor to dispose of them. On reaching the lift, the bags slipped and dropped to the floor. While l was trying to steady my balance, I felt a sudden sharp pain on my right knee.

Nevertheless, after a short rest, l decided to bring the bags downstairs and even went to a coffee shop to look for lunch. It was very painful but I managed to get this done and got home safely. But, by then, the pain was so intense that l had difficulty moving around. It was just a split-second accident but I want to testify that God allowed me to experience His tremendous grace and blessings thereafter.

On the day of the accident, l thank God that my youngest daughter was at home and she took over all the unfinished cleaning at home, settled our dinner and attended to my needs so that l could rest in bed and to apply a hot compress.

I couldn’t go for Chinese New Year visitations with my husband and daughter because of the intense pain, but by God’s grace, l managed to move around slowly and prepared a nice dinner for my family.

My eldest daughter’s family came in the late afternoon and she helped to get dinner ready as well with clean-up. Before she left, she reminded me not to move around and that she would come over on Tuesday to help me with housework. My son-in-law wanted to bring me to a Chinese physician because he was concerned that l would have to wait a long time to get a referral letter to see Dr Chua, an orthopaedic doctor in Alexandra Hospital. The next morning, l received a text message from my eldest daughter, informing me that she had ordered a robot vacuum cleaner for me. I was so touched by the loving concern of my daughters and son-in-law.

I had been praying for my close relatives since COVID-19 started last year and so during this festive season, l had made plans and was looking forward to meeting some of them. Somehow, divinely, the intense pain reduced tremendously and l could begin to walk with ease and l even managed to visit my elder brother-in-law and met my sister, brother and nephew. I even visited another nephew’s family and had dinner with them. I was so happy and blessed to be able to physically see them and hear updates of my family members. I am so thankful that God has been so good to my family. He protected and helped many of them in one way or another!

On day 4 of Chinese New Year, my elder brother called me to pray over the phone for my leg pain. He ended up praying in tongues. I was overwhelmed with joy and so grateful to God (this brother of mine used to be a troublemaker with his quick temper)!  I am so comforted to know how my brother is now connected with God with His Holy Spirit residing in his life. Prayer has become part of his life and just like how my late mum was, he is always praying!

On day 5, I went to the Polyclinic early in the morning intending to get a referral letter to see Dr Chua. That very same afternoon, l received a call from Alexandra Hospital telling me that my appointment would only be in one week’s time. How amazingly good Daddy God is! He only gave me a short waiting time but a consultation with the very doctor that l wanted to see. That meant that l would be seeing Dr Chua, not as a private patient but as a subsidised one. Praise God!

At my hospital appointment, I saw the doctor and was sent to do an X-ray of both knees. There was no acute fracture or dislocation but I had some degenerative changes on both knees and some joint fluid in the tissues of my injured knee. With enough rest and the right exercise, l would be able to recover.

I want to thank God for enabling me to focus on Him and His divine healing and for the many prayers offered for me. In fact, if not for the accident, l wouldn’t have been able to get a referral letter to see Dr Chua and also experience the many blessings that God had wanted me to receive.

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