Baptism of the holy spirit

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10 Nov 2015


Stephen Seah

On Wednesday evening, I was going to Petra to attend the Prayer & Praise session as I wished to pray for my mother and friend who were recently hospitalised. Once the session commenced, Pastor Nancy was asking us all to pray in tongues, but I was not able to speak as I didn’t have the gift yet.

Then, Pastor Nancy asked if any were not able to speak in tongues, so I and another female member stood out from the group. Pastor Nancy then asked Pastor David and Whee Ling to pray for us.

When I tried to pray afterwards, I was in pain! I felt like I was suffocating in darkness and I kept coughing. I couldn’t even say “hallelujah”. The spiritual warfare was really strong. My body was aching, and I had a severe headache.

After praying for around twenty minutes, I finally felt lesser pain as the bondage was being released. Then, I saw a vision of a bird flying around, and it was so real that I felt like reaching my hand out to touch it!

Tears of joy were being shed as I was finally free from the cage that had imprisoned me for so long. Hallelujah, praise the Lord, for I have received the gift of speaking in tongues!

Thanks Jesus!

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