A Miracle Birth

Posted on

18 Jul 2015


Leow Chai Fern

Our daughter, Brielle, was born on the 18th of July. God gave us a miracle! Here’s what happened…

On the morning that the baby was due, we went to the hospital to induce labor. The doctor gave me a checkup and said that there was a possibility that the umbilical cord was holding the baby from moving down into position and that my dilation was low. The baby’s heartbeat was also dropping, so the doctor warned us that we’d need to go for a C-section if it continued to drop.

Later on, the doctor ordered a C-section after discovering that my dilation was only 4-4.5 cm (less than half the required dilation for the baby to be delivered). The baby’s heartbeat was still low, even though I was on an oxygen mask.

Just before the C-section, he decided to check one last time and found that I dilated another 5cm in the short 20 minutes that had passed. So he cancelled the C-section and asked for a vacuum because he wanted to get the baby out quickly. But in the end, before the tool came, I had another contraction and could push a few times – until the baby’s head came out. The doctor kept exclaiming, “thank God, it’s a miracle!” Praise God!

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