A Miracle: 4th Stage Cancer Healed!

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11 Feb 2017


Phua Li Lian

I had a cough in May 2016, so I went to see the GP. The doctor thought it was just a normal cough, so she gave me some medicine. But just in case, she advised me to get an X-ray the next day.

That’s when my entire world changed. Upon seeing my X-Ray, my doctor was stunned. I didn’t know what was happening, but she immediately referred me to various specialists from Mt Alvernia and Mt Elizabeth to get a more thorough medical report. Subsequently, within a month, I went through blood tests, PET scans, day surgeries, and 4 different biopsies.

The conclusion: 4th stage lung cancer. Doctors told me that I had maybe 4 months to a year left. I was shattered.

All of my family members, my care group members, and my church friends came to give me support in the next few weeks. They spoke words of comfort, visited me, prayed for me, brought me out for meals, and celebrated my birthday. But my heart was still despondent.

Then, I had a strange encounter during a PET scan at Paragon PET Imaging Centre. While I was sitting on the sofa waiting for my turn, a painting on the wall caught my attention. It was a painting of the crashing waves of the ocean, and in the middle of the waters was a big rock. Beside the big rock were 3 smaller rocks. Somehow, I had the vision that Jesus was standing on the big rock on the middle and calming the ocean. I felt God telling me that He wanted me to have peace, as He was above the rough waters and He calms the seas. This reassured me, and gradually my peace and faith in Him returned.

Over the next few months, I saw God’s goodness in many ways. Firstly, I was connected with a doctor who recommended a day surgery to take a single lump from the affected area for biopsy, which would enable them to trace the source of the cancer and save a lot of time. That way, I wouldn’t have to go through all kinds of invasive tests. Secondly, before I was warded for the day surgery, God gave me Psalm 103:1-5 to encourage me – and it just so happened that I was warded in Room 103 right afterwards. He also gave me the assurance of Exodus 15:6 – “For I am the Lord who heals you.” My faith in Him increased. Thirdly, God provided for all of my medical expenses through insurance. Cancer treatment can be costly: one can spend more than half a million dollars with no guarantee of survival. But with God’s grace, everything was covered under my insurance. Fourthly, I was connected with the National Cancer Centre’s Dr. Elaine Lim, whom I felt a lot of peace about. Her care for me throughout the whole process gave me a lot of peace and hope.

There were still times that were very difficult throughout the whole treatment process, particularly the physical pain and condemnation. I knew sickness was not from God, but there were times when a voice in my head would accuse me and say, “You are a Christian! Why did you get this illness? You must have done something terribly sinful to have gotten this punishment.” However, during those times, He that is in me was greater than he that is in the world, and the Holy Spirit would shift my attention back to the Lord.

I actually felt that through the entire journey, though the world would see me as lost and hopeless, God restored what was lost and gave to me even more than that. Because of that journey with Him, my relationship with Him was strengthened and I began to understand His finished work on the cross so much more. I would read His word and listen to sermons and go through book after book every day, and I’d go for walks in Ang Mo Kio and enjoy Him walking with me. I’d also speak God’s words to my body and recite His healing promises to myself, and take Holy Communion every day. And by God’s divine appointment, I attended a Ladies’ Bible Study at Christina’s (Petra Church Member) house through a sister I met at Ang Mo Kio Park. It was a divine appointment because I’d actually told God I wanted to have a Bible study group so I could go deeper into His word.

It was also because of this Ladies’ Bible Study that my husband and I began to attend Life Group at Petra. And, amazingly, we met two of our old friends, Michael and Lowella, who were previously our Care Group members at NCC.

After attending Life Group, we were also invited to attend Petra Church one Sunday. When Pastor John Koe called for prayer needs, I went up to him and told him my situation. The moment Pastor John began to pray, I felt such a strong anointing that I couldn’t stand still. What’s more, Pastor John prayed Psalm 118:17 over me, which was one of the words God had spoken to me at the beginning of my journey!

The following week, I went for a PET scan, blood test, and X-ray. All reports came back good, and we discovered that the cancer markers had dropped from 750 to below 50. Praise the Lord! This was indeed the Lord Jesus’s work. He is a faithful God; a merciful and good God I have.

Isaiah 55:11 – So is my word, it will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I send it.

Currently, my cancer markers have dropped to below 20 as of 21 Oct 2016. My doctor from the National Cancer Centre has not given me up; she still wants me to continue the oral treatment. But I have the Lord Jesus, who never leaves me nor forsakes me. I will live and not die and  go to tell of what He has done. (Psalm 118:17)

I thank my Lord Jesus, who is the only one I worship and my first love. I will never forget all His benefits (Psalm 103)!

I thank my beloved husband and family members.

I thank all of God’s beloved: pastors, my NCC care group members, Petra LifeGroup members, the Thursday Ladies’ Bible Study Group, the “Beloved Daughters” group from Agape LG and NCC, and all my good friends.

Praise the Lord, O my soul! He is gracious and compassionate.

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