A Cyst/Lump Miraculously Become Smaller

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15 Dec 2020


Valentina Tan

In August 2020, I noticed a lump on my right side of my face, near to my right ear. As it didn’t affect me, I did not pay much thought to it. I was busy taking care of my mother, who had dementia and had just been discharged from the hospital in the same month. After about 3 to 4 months, the lump remained and it swelled – this prompted me to consult a doctor. The GP then advised me to undergo further scans.

Before I had the scan, I informed my LifeGroup and also my ex colleagues from Rhema Bible Training Center Singapore. They prayed with me and took Holy Communion, and declared a good medical report. I felt the peace of God upon me and went for the scan. 2 days passed since the scan and I received no call. If the news was bad, the clinic would have called me very quickly.

The third day came and the clinic called just when I woke. I was informed of the ready report but was advise of its non-urgency – which is good news. As it was a Saturday when they called, I decided to go to the clinic on Monday.

When I met the doctor, he explained the report and told me the lump was non-cancerous. Praise God! The doctor advised to leave the lump as it is instead of referring me to an ENT doctor. He said that the liquid in the cyst will dissolve by itself. At that moment, I was still quite doubtful and he said that if I was concerned about the lump, he could still write me a referral letter to see the ENT doctor. I declined because I did not want to go through a surgery.

About 1 month after the ultrasound scan, the lump was still very swollen and I asked my sister to check its size. The doctor had informed me that the cyst can dissolve by itself into the body—a process which I declared during my prayer time and Holy Communion.

In early December 2020, I asked my sister to check the area where the lump is, and she asked, “How has it disappeared?” I told her it was because I prayed and it disappeared! I can still feel the lump but it is definitely so much smaller then before. All glory to God for His healing power upon me!

In the midst of the pandemic and being a full-time caregiver starting on the first month of the circuit breaker had been really tough and after which there were more trials, but all these have allowed me to encounter God’s goodness and love for me. He is real and in this season of Christmas, this is the best Christmas gift I have received from Him. Emmanuel – 祂与我们同在!

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