20 Years of Back Pain Gone

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24 May 2015


Name withheld

I suffered from a misaligned back for about 20 years. Earlier this year, when my daughter asked me why I no longer ask God for healing for my back, I said I have lived with the pain for so long that I have learnt to manage and I trust God to help me live life despite the pain. Words to that extent.

The very next day, I was listening to a sermon by Pastor John Koe and he literally used the very words I had used with my daughter! He said some of us have learnt to live with pain instead of asking God to heal. Then he quoted John 16:24. I felt so convicted! I asked the Lord to heal me on the spot.

All glory to God: I have not felt pain from my misaligned vertebra since that day! Thank You, Jehovah Rapha!

Thank you, Pastor John and Petra!

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