• LadyHealedofLameLeg10years
    Lame Foot Restored
    15 Feb 2014Leow Chai Fern
    A woman whose foot had been lame for the past 10 years was healed in our Feb 2014 trip to Nepal.
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  • ElderlyLadyHealedofBlindness
    Mother Healed of Blindness in Right Eye
    12 Feb 2014Tan Meiling
    In our Feb 2014 trip to Nepal, an elderly lady who had been blind for the past five months was healed as the gospel was preached.
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  • WomanHealedofTumour
    Tumour in Abdomen Disappears!
    12 Feb 2014Chan Mun Pun
    A woman who had had a tumour in her abdomen for many years was healed.
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  • Leo
    Coming into the Petran family
    20 Oct 2013Leo Ng
    Leo shares the journey that brought him to Petra Church.
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  • Guimin
    "Moving in the Anointing" teaching track
    30 Sep 2013Hoong Gui Min
    Gui Min shares her key take-aways and breakthroughs from the "Moving in the Anointing" teaching track.
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  • Jiawei
    Deeply impacted by the Legazpi mission trip
    5 May 2013Koh Jiawei
    Jiawei shares how the Legazpi mission trip impacted him.
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