• Convicted by Holy Spirit to stop taking bipolar medication
    9 Apr 2019Lim Soo Mooi ( Catherine)
    I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in Feb 2012 and my doctor advised me to take medication for life. The medicines have side effects which include slowing down of my thinking, lost focus, moodiness, sleepiness and weight gain.
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  • Experiencing God’s healing and faithfulness
    15 Mar 2019Pamela Goh
    Mark 4: 37 But soon a fierce storm came up. High waves were breaking into the boat, and it began to fill with water. (NLT) Towards the end of 2018, I went through a series of health checks. One day in October, I received a call from Singapore General Hospital (SGH), to see a gynaecologist on 26 Oct. 
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  • No More Arguing
    19 Feb 2019Name withheld
    My wife and I were part of the Petra family for 3 years. My life has been a journey of learning how to live in peace and not get caught up in the soulish and fleshly entanglements of the world.
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  • Blessing from the Word implanted in my heart
    4 May 2018Name withheld
    I want to thank God for the teaching on The Kingdom of God and the encouragement to meditate on the Scriptures at Petra Church.
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  • Our miracle child Zephaniah
    1 Nov 2017Ivan and Geri Wu
    This testimony must begin from the time when we had our fourth child, Nathan.  We would thought that he would be the last child whom the Lord wanted to gift us with. 
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  • God's love through His people
    23 Apr 2017Name withheld
    My 90 year-old mother has been under the care of Dr Lee for many years, at Alexandra Hospital, Geriatric Clinic, now moved to NTFGH.
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  • A Miracle: 4th Stage Cancer Healed!
    11 Feb 2017Phua Li Lian
    I had a cough in May 2016, so I went to see the GP. The doctor thought it was just a normal cough, so she gave me some medicine.
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  • Restoration and Wholeness
    1 Feb 2017Rachel Tan Hui Hing
    The word of knowledge that God gave me just before the Petra House Community Day was RESTORATION.
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  • Jehovah Jireh YHWH Will Provide
    1 Nov 2016Name withheld
    Since I surrendered my life to Jesus so many years ago, the journey with God has been an adventure - even now.
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  • Divine Healing
    26 Oct 2016Stephen Seah
    Earlier this week, I suffered from shoulder pains, chest pains and giddiness and as a result I had a lot of panic attacks as I was very anxious and nervous.
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  • Your Kingdom Come
    14 Oct 2016Loy Chee Yuen
    I'm a Singaporean stationed in Tianjin, China for work. I came across the Petra app and decided to download it in early October, but didn't check it out at all after downloading.
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  • God speaks in dreams and holds our future.
    29 Jul 2016Name withheld
    I was trying to find a career back in the shipping industry, which I had left 2 years ago.
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  • Left Leg Meniscus Tear
    17 Jan 2016Name withheld
    In mid-March of 2012, one fine weekday while at work, I felt pain on my left leg.
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  • How My Mother Came to Know Lord Jesus
    20 Dec 2015Stephen Seah Chee Ann
    Ever since I became a Christian, I've received a lot of blessings in every area, especially from Tampines LG.
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  • Baptism of the holy spirit
    10 Nov 2015Stephen Seah
    On Wednesday evening, I was going to Petra to attend the Prayer & Praise session as I wished to pray for my mother and friend who were recently hospitalised. 
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  • Even little chicks receive His attention.
    17 Oct 2015Hannah Wong
    My fiancé, Iezekiel, & I just missed the bus that would drop us right outside my home. The next was going to take over 20 minutes to arrive, & I just wanted to get home & rest.
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  • Right Ear Healed
    29 Aug 2015Karen Koh
    I had been experiencing a blocked sensation in my right ear since November 2014 and was diagnosed after a series of tests as having hearing impairment due to some damage within the right ear.
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  • It was God who healed me. He is amazing!
    18 Aug 2015Name withheld
    Yes! It was only because of His mercy and love that I survived a serious depression. I was an atheist at that time and was unable to comprehend God’s love for me.
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  • The Story of the Lost Shoe
    11 Aug 2015Sarah Largado
    At children's church last weekend, one of our boys lost his shoe. He looked everywhere for it but could not find it.
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  • Stove, Ignite in the name of Jesus!
    11 Aug 2015Calvin Braja
    One of my stoves wouldn't ignite suddenly on Saturday. I did whatever I could do to solve the problem (cleaning etc but without messing with what's inside, like changing the igniters) but it just could not ignite.
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  • Thoughts after I got to know christ
    16 Aug 2015Stephen Seah Chee Ann
    Since coming to know God, He's done many wonderful things in my life, and I realized how foolish and stupid I was in the past before knowing Him.
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  • A Miracle Birth
    18 Jul 2015Leow Chai Fern
    Our daughter, Brielle, was born on the 18th of July. God gave us a miracle! Here's what happened...
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  • God’s (Un)timely Provision
    2 Jun 2015Chan Mun Pun
    "I want to resign! I want to resign!" That's probably the most common rant I entertained for the longest time.
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  • 20 Years of Back Pain Gone
    24 May 2015Name withheld
    I suffered from a misaligned back for about 20 years.
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  • Healing and Salvation
    5 May 2015Stephen Seah Chee Ann
    Hi everyone! This is the testimony of how I came to believe in Jesus Christ. I used to be very involved in astrology and tarot card reading.
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  • A Supernatural Birth
    23 Jan 2015Jeannie Anastasia Koe
    My husband and I were so happy when we found out I was pregnant. It was a miracle, considering that I was diagnosed as the youngest ever menopause patient by my doctor.
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  • Healed of intense back pain
    18 Jan 2015Pamela Goh
    For no reason I could fathom, I had intense pain in my lower back for four days. I could not stand, sit, or even lie down without excruciating pain, and I could not sleep well at night.
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  • Turning a Father to his Father
    5 Oct 2014Name withheld
    Both my parents are from a traditional Chinese family background and believe in ancestral worship.
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  • God's Unconditional Love is Real and Tangible
    5 Oct 2014Name withheld
    When I received the good news of my medical results, I was so grateful to God that the first thing I asked myself was: “How can I thank God?”
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  • Miracles at the Dinner Table
    20 Sep 2014Isaac Ong
    Hey all! Just here to share six creative miracles God just did! Uncle Henry, Auntie Laly, Colin, and Jeannie were having fellowship over at my parents' house.
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  • Open Heavens for Graphics Cards!
    20 Sep 2014Aaron Ang
    While taking the lift back home after returning from the mission trip to Bangkok, I was musing on the idea of open heavens. I thought, "since we have open heavens over us, I think I can also pray and ask God to repair my laptop graphics card."
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  • Testimony of Jesus's Love and the Restoration of Marriage
    15 Sep 2014Sarah
    It was April 2013. My husband had moved to my mother-in-law's house, and my world collapsed all around me when I received the separation deed some time later.
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  • Protection and Being Healed
    6 Sep 2014Kate Ng
    In August, an HDB officer came to check and fix the toilet door at my in laws' place. I was speaking to the officer who was adjusting the door, and we did not see that my father-in-law had walked near with my toddler in his arms.
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  • Restoration of a broken heart
    23 May 2014Tan Meiling
    I always had a problem sharing from my heart in public, or in larger group settings. If Jesus prompted me to do so, I would obey, but I would always feel very tense and my body would tremble noticeably.
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  • Intense Shoulder Pain Healed!
    9 Apr 2014Phebe Prabhakaran
    It was the 26th of December, 2013. I was in London at the time, and I felt this sharp, unbearable pain in my shoulder/neck area. 
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  • God's Medicine Heals!
    22 Mar 2014Joy Basumatary
    Around the 1st week of Feb, I began to experience symptoms of an illness I could not identify. It began with my tongue feeling numb, and eventually, I lost my sense of taste.
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  • Love is Courage
    16 Mar 2014Rachel Tan Hui Hing
    After Pastor John Koe shared about the healing miracles in the second Nepal trip, my heart was filled with excitement.
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  • Knowing God's Love
    10 Mar 2014Name withheld
    For the longest time, the focus of my relationship with God was that He had a plan and purpose for my life.
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  • Cleft Palate Healed
    11 Feb 2014Tan Mei Ling
    During our first trip to Nepal as a Petra family, we prayed for a girl who had just gone for surgery because of a cleft palate.
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  • The Favour Of God
    6 Feb 2014Valentina Tan
    Pastor John's sermon about "The Favour Of God" reminded me of a time when His favour was revealed to me in a very practical way.
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  • Healed of migraine and pain in the foot
    31 Jan 2014Name withheld
    And they overcame him because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their testimony... (Revelation 12:11)
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  • Ruptured eardrum healed!
    30 Jan 2014Maggie Long
    Two weeks ago, I had the flu – and as I was blowing my nose pretty hard, I felt a sharp pain in my right ear and I felt something burst.
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  • God's little surprises
    20 Jan 2014Gina Ong-Tan
    Last Saturday, my husband was away on course. I brought my 3 kids out by myself, as I had to take the 2 older boys to their Chinese speech and drama class in the morning.
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  • Faith is spelt R-I-S-K
    16 Jan 2014Raymond Tong
    Deacon Sukhie's sermon on how faith is taking risks really stirred me. The following day, I met up with my supplier, and seeing that his leg was injured, I decided to take a risk and reach out to him.
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  • Healed of Glaucoma
    20 Jul 2013Poh Chi Chuan
    My dad was diagnosed with glaucoma almost a year ago. At the time, he had lost a third of his vision in his right eye, and 10% in his left eye.
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  • Healed of bone fracture
    27 Jun 2013Jane Chan
    I discovered that I sustained a 5th metatarsal fracture on my right foot after coming back from my holiday on 14 May, 2013.
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