Petra Happiness Group

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Get ready as a Petra Happiness Group comes to a home near you!

7 different Happiness Groups catering for different language-speaking communities will host tea parties to know your guests better.

To invite someone you know to a Happiness Group tea party, simply visit the Petra info counter after the Chinese or English service and request for the contact details of the Happiness Group leader.

To make it even easier, here are the 7 Happiness Groups listed by address and tea party dates:

赞美 (Chinese)
Connie Yew
Bible House
30 Aug (Friday) 10am

富裕 (Chinese)
Connie Yew
Jurong East
30 Aug (Friday) 7.30pm

GLORIOUS 荣耀 (Bilingual)
Poh Chi Chuan
Jalan Mas Kuning
8 Sept (Sunday) 2pm

THE HG (English)
Isaiah Koh
Stirling Road
13 Sept (Friday) 8.30 pm

Hope希望 (Hokkien & Chinese)
Pastor Alan Tay
Clementi West
15 Sept (Sunday) 4pm

BLESSED (English)
Richard Tay
Farrer Road
First HG Session on 18 Sept (Wednesday) 7pm

馨 SING!(Bilingual)
Juinn Sun
Serangoon Avenue 3
22 Sept (Sunday) 5pm