Pastor John


Pastor John Koe is the senior pastor of Petra Church. Drawing on his diverse experiences in business, pastoral ministry and missions, his messages are marked by careful study of Scripture and Biblical history, as well as relevant applications to modern life. Pastor John’s life message is the Gospel, which forms the foundation of Petra’s teaching ministry. He is the author of The Good God: Rediscovering the Gospel.

FrontierWorks, a discipleship ministry that has established Bible schools and mission programmes across Asia over the last 20 years, was founded by Pastor John. Through FrontierWorks, he ministers internationally in conferences, Bible schools and churches, with a focus on the Person, beauty and redemptive work of Jesus Christ, and a mandate to empower the end-time generation for the manifest glory and presence of God.

Pastor John and his wife Nancy have two sons, Thaddeus and Dillan.

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