Pastor John Koe

John Koe TGG Profile Pic (22 Dec 2017)

Pastor John Koe is Senior Leader of Petra Church. He first joined Petra Church in December 2004, and was its Senior Pastor until October 2018.

His heart’s desire is for all believers to encounter the transformative power of the Gospel, and to be equipped and empowered to extend God’s kingdom reign in every sphere of society. Fluent in English and Mandarin, he also ministers internationally, teaching with a focus on the Person, beauty and redemptive work of Jesus Christ, with the thrust of preparing and empowering the end-time generation for the manifest presence and move of God. Carrying sharp prophetic insights that have helped many understand the times we live in, his messages are marked by careful study of Scripture with relevant life applications, and drawn from his diverse experience in business, ministry and missions.

Pastor John is also Founder of FrontierWorks, an international, trans-denominational apostolic ministry serving movements and movement leaders in fuelling revival in the nations. His book “The Good God: Rediscovering the Gospel” has been translated and published in English, Chinese, Bahasa Indonesia and Spanish.