COVID Updates

28 September 2021

In accordance to the latest measures advised by MCCY, here are our service arrangements:

From 27 September,

🔸 Onsite Chinese, English and Youth services will continue at Bible House.
🔹 Worshippers will be seated in groups of 2.
🔸 KOTR & Pebbles classes at Bible House will be suspended till 10 October.
🔹 KOTR classes via Zoom will continue as normal.
🔸 Pebbles material is available for home use – please indicate interest via this number.

Entry & Exit Requirements 
1. Entry by scanning of NRIC is no longer allowed.
2. Entry by scanning of the QR Code on TraceTogether tokens will no longer be allowed. Please have your TraceTogether token’s batteries replaced if levels are low. Entry will only be allowed via TraceTogether app or a working TraceTogether token.
3. All persons present must wear a mask and observe the required safe distance of 1 metre at all times.
4. Congregants are to leave the hall in an orderly manner after service and not to linger or mingle in the premise.