When & Where

10AM and 3.30AM

PEBBLES (Toddlers to 4 years old)

Pebbles is our ministry for toddlers up to 4 years of age. They stay safe and loved under watchful eyes as they learn about how big and loving Papa God is!

Pebbles is located in the Room 3 & 4.


KIDZ ON THE ROCK (5 to 12 years old)

Kidz on the Rock is where children 5-12 years old learn that God is real and He loves them. Worship, object lessons, drama, crafts, games, camps, and more nurture children to have a genuine and Spirit-filled relationship with God.

Children turning 5 in the calendar year may begin to attend KOTR from the first Sunday of January.

Kids on the Rock is located in the Room A.


Registration opening:
9:45am (Chinese service), 3:20pm (English service)

Pick up time:
11:45am (Chinese service), 5:30pm (English service)